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Nia Hope Tucker is professionally qualified in Aesthetics, Massage and Aromatherapy and has been working in her field for the past 19 years. She trained directly with leading London Facialist, Ziggie Bergman in 'Zone Facelift' - a holistic facial treatment that yields wonderful results both aesthetically and for the wellbeing of the whole person. 


Devoted to the path of healing, in her own practices and in the support of others - she is passionate about helping others to feel more comfortable in their skin and she works closely with her clients, supporting them to develop healthy

relationships with their bodies and a deepened awareness and honouring of their true self, beauty and needs.


Nia has a special connection with the use of plants, oils, flowers and crystals and includes them in her wellbeing treatments - adding layers of colour and vibration and amplifying the healing intentions of each treatment. Each session with Nia is a feast for the senses and sanctuary for body, mind and soul. You will leave your treatment feeling cared for and renewed.


"Himmlisch! Mit Sicherheit die beste Gesichtsbehandlung, die ich je erhalten habe. Die Kombination aus entspannenden, lösenden und belebenden Techniken hat mich in einen meditativen Zustand versetzt. Mein Gesicht fühlt sich lebendig und erhaben an. Nia hat eine anmutige Berührung und einen wunderschönen Flow - danke!"


Zone Facelift


If there is a trend that is here to stay then it's

Facelift Massage and Guasha.


Many women and men are seeking natural alternatives to ageing well and the most savvy celebrities are now turning to Holistic Aestheticians rather than to the surgeons knife to fulfill their beauty and wellbeing needs.


The Zone Facelift treatment combines ancient and modern techniques including -

  • Gesichtsreflexzonenmassage
  • Japanische Facelift-Massage
  • Quarzkristall-Massage
  • Guasha Bildhauerei
  • Aromatherapie (optional)
  • 100% Natural and Organic Skincare
  • Energy Cleansing (optional)

This special combination of techniques along with the gifts and presence of the practitioner produces beautiful results both for the appearance and for general wellbeing. Zone Facelift helps to -


- Improve circulation and cellular activity

- Lift, tone and tighten the skin and underlying muscles

- Prevent skin sagging and fine lines

- Reduce and release long-held tension in the face and jaw

- Sculpt the jaw and cheekbones

- Break down toxins held in the skin and muscles

- Improve lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins

- Soften stress and expression lines

- Reduce puffiness

- Repair, balance and nourish the skin

- Reduce feelings of stress and tension

- Clear old stagnant energy and invite in the new and positive


Renowned for reducing as much as 10 years of ageing over a 12-week programme - Zone Face Lift can eliminate the need for Botox and offers a natural alternative to dermal fillers. It’s all about ageing well and naturally. 


You can treat yourself to single sessions, a 3 day intensive or the full 12-week program


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