"Women's Self-Care Temple" – with Nia (in English)



8-Wochen-Kurs vom 17.09.2019 bis zum 05.11.2019, jeweils am Dienstag, 18.00-19.30 Uhr im ZaZen



In this 8-week course, we will explore the concept of abundance with the beautiful Hindu Goddess Lakshmi as our guide. 


By aligning ourselves with Lakshmi's gracious essence through our yoga, dance, meditations and daily rituals we invite greater harmony, flow and synchronicity into our reality.

True wealth comes in many forms and the classical teachings on this goddess state that there are 4 essential paths to abundance - 


Harmonious Relationships

Material Prosperity


Spiritual Freedom

Each part representing a different aspect of Lakshmi's essence and therefore all four together creating the imprint of holistic wealth and fulfilment. 

This is a closed group course. Bookings in advance only: nia@danceyourcolours.com 


8-Week Course 

Tuesdays 18.00-19.30 

17.9 - 05.11.2019





Closed Course - no drop ins


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