Women's Self-Care Temple – 'Brighid's Flame' with Nia (in English)



For this Women's Self-Care Temple course our journey begins as we approach the Pagan celebration of Imbolc (01.02)


On the Celtic Seasonal Calender this is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. This period in the earth cycle is associated with Brighid - The Ancient Celtic goddess of fire, healing, fertility, the hearth, home, wisdom and higher intelligence. She is the fires of our inspiration and brings the spirit of joy, hope and the possibility of rebirth. She helps us to remember the eternal flame of our hearts and reminds us that we are ✦ Warriors of the Light ✦ 


Through Brighid we can more deeply experience our bodies and psyche being mirrored with the earth. The sap in the trees is rising and the beautiful first signs of spring are emerging. The seeds of our potential future are glowing and ready to find movement and direction.


Join a beautiful circle of women for a journey through yoga, dance, meditation, reflection, support and inspiration.. a magical temple space to anchor into each week - to release, unwind, connect and to tend to the rising flames within.

We will travel together from Imbolc to the Spring Equinox, embracing the power of this season and broader time of awakening.


This is a closed group course so that we can create a cosy and potent cocoon of trust and sisterhood.


8- Week Course €108

28.01 - 17.03 2020 18.00-19.30


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