"Root and Rise Yoga" - with Nia (in English)

 Dieser Kurs findet während des Lockdowns im November online statt. Ein Einstieg ist jederzeit möglich.



Root and Rise Morning Flow

10-Wochen-Kurs vom 10.11.2020 bis zum 26.01.2021, jeweils am Dienstag, 07.30-08.45 Uhr 

(kein Kurs am 22.12. & 29.12.2020)



This unique yoga practice is grounded in the Hatha Yoga form and is woven together with fluid movements to enhance the flow of Chi (life force energy) and to bring flexibility and freedom to the spine.


It is Influenced by Calligraphy Yoga - which is a fusion of Tai Chi, Qigong, traditional Indian Yogas and the flowing shapes in Chinese Calligraphy.


There is a strong focus on embodiment through moving intuitively and nurturing the self through postures and flow. We will practice moving and harnessing energy to increase vitality in the body and to help us to move with authenticity, sensitivity and gentle power.


Elements of Yin Yoga, breath practices and guided meditations all support and enrich the practice.


Root and Rise Morning Flow

Tuesday 07.30-08.45

10.11.2020 - 26.01.2021 (excluding 22.12. & 29.12.)


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10-Week Course - 140€


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