Intuitive Movement & Yoga Nidra auf Englisch mit Sophie am Sonntag Abend



Was dich erwartet

Für einen entspannten Sonntag Abend: Mit intuitiven Bewegungen ganz nach deinen Bedürfnissen und dem regierenden "Schlaf des Yogi" kannst du am letzten Tag der Woche tiefgehende Entspannung finden, um daraus Kraft für die neue Woche zu schöpfen. Der Kurs findet wöchentlich statt.


 "When we think too much, or not thinking at all, we accumulate tensions.

   When we work too much, or when we do not work at all, we accumulate tensions.

   When we sleep too much, or do not sleep at all, we accumulate tensions.

   These tensions are massing in the different layers of the personality.

   We know that if the mind is also tense your stomach will be tense and

   if the stomach is stretched around then the whole circulatory system will be tense.

   It creates a vicious cycle where the stresses build up in the muscle, emotional and

   mental systems."     Swami Satyananda Saraswati - Yoga Nidra Creator



Sonntags, 19.30-20.45 Uhr, ab dem 04.10.2020 



What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra has the same benefits of meditation practices, with the advantage that it can also be performed by those who have no experience with meditation techniques.

The word "Nidra" comes from Sanskrit and means "sleep", but not sleep as we understand it commonly.

When we speak of Yoga Nidra sleep it is considered to be a mental, so conscious condition, somewhat as an active "way" and not as a state of total unconsciousness typical of when we sleep.

Experiments had be done and the goal of them was to demonstrate how through the practice of Yoga Nidra it was possible to induce a state of conscious sleep and not unconscious as the normal one.

According to the proved studies through Yoga Nidra it is possible to induce this particular state of conscious sleep in which the body and the mind are able to relax tension and to favor certain cerebral aspects such as creativity, problem solving, the decrease stress and increase relaxation.


How to do Yoga Nidra?

It is very simple:

just lie down on a carpet or mat, close your eyes and listen to the voice guidance.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra you should feel a sense of detachment from the body, as if the senses were reprocessed. We no longer listen, we do not feel smells, do not touch and do not see anything.

The senses have no more information to be sent to the mind and consequently the mind relaxes.

To prepare into the practice we will start with few rounds of Sun salutations A and B in order to prepare the body into a better ralaxing state.


What to bring?

Please take with you comfortable and warm clothes. 



Für Yoga Nidra sind keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich. Bei Rückfragen melde dich gerne bei. 



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