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We all are pure essence which needs to be fed constantly as our lungs need the air, in order to stay centered and present and to guide us through this life. There are many practices which allow this to happen and one of them is Yoga, the ancient Yoga. In particular with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga we confront ouselves with our own limits and fears, we go out of our comfort zone to experience the next step towards the beauty of growth and consciousness, bringing out and being comfortable with self acceptance and self love. Because the balance between a conscious mind and an open heart is the formula for a true life. So the 90 min practice includes breathing exercises, meditation, and postures.


The course will generally focus on each time building a strong concentration, energy power and focused minds in order to prepare ourselves for the week. It is open to everyone.
Through the first group of postures (Asanas) called Primary Series, the person will have detox benefits, build strength and flexibility in the body, plus with the meditation and breathing exercises, it rises up the level of focus and self-consciousness.


Kurszeit      Wednesday 7.30 - 9.00h


Preis           Alice's yoga classes are based on donation.   


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